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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by tjymaui, Mar 20, 2007.

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    IB server down again. Switching servers during market hours????? Why can't it be done after market hours. Have two accounts with them and one was okay, the other got logged off and couldn't log in for the longest time. Would love to know to the reason why and why it couldn't be done during aftermarket hours.
  2. id assume because something was on fire or the like.
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    I used to be in IT. A lot of times, after a downtime in the middle of the night, we wouldn't discover additional problems/side-effects until the middle of the morning (because the use of the system by many end users would reveal problems not seen during no-load testing). And then we'd have to fix the problem in the middle of the day, under fire from the end users.
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    I think something is amiss now. I'm running 2 TWS accounts. One has frozen ES quotes and the other was running pink for about 15 minutes. I restarted the pink acct and now cannot log in at all - for the last 10 minutes.
  5. Have you voted for suggestion # 2185 in IB's new feature poll?
  6. Rockford: Can't find it. Searched under your name, and variations of your name. Zip. Went through everything under TWS and General. Zip, unless I missed it. Can't search by number evidently.

    Please provide some type of direction for locating. If I can't find it after 30 minutes, I quit. LOL.

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    -> All categories > page 6 > #2185 - Please VOTE!!

    :p :)
  8. By the way, I lost contact this AM for maybe 40-45 minutes started around 9:35 EST. Never anything on the status board. All it said was all IB systems "functioning normally". I assume when I lose connection for 45 minutes this isn't normal! Everything was fine with my internet connection, etc.

    I finally called IB. The guy said they had a server problem that they were aware of it. Didn't say what it was, or why....nor did I particularly care what the story was.

    That was one of the longest outages I think I've had since I've been at IB (which has been years). I think the only thing longer was when Globex went down for almost the entire day.

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    Similar phenom here. Seemed like future tickers were hung and then they would get data for a while and then .... all over again.

    ... rj
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