IB sent me email asking for routine interview, what is it?

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  1. anyone has done this interview on the phone? IB says failure to do it may cause account suspension.
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    Did they tell u what the interview will be about ?
    Never happened to me btw, but some posters here were contacted by IB to explain some trades from memory.
    Might has well be other issue related to the information you gave them like residencywise ( i do have some experience with residency issue with IB and just noticed my account was suddenly hit by extra witholding taxes, it seems they had just rejected my W8Ben, after quite some time they d had it and without contacting me, so it s probably not the subject of the interview.Hope for u it is not worse) , origin of funds etc... curious to read a follow up from u.
    Good luck
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    Maybe it is just one of those annual compliance non-pro certifications? I get those from my broker once per year. Mine come through e-mail. Something like it is to assure you are still in same status as when you qualified for your account.

    If you have nothing to hide, then do not sweat it.
  4. I went through this process recently. In my case it consisted of two stages:
    stage 1: I received an email from IB's compliance department asking for some details about money deposits into my account. I sent the requested data via email.
    stage 2: I received an email from IB asking me to call their compliance department in the US, about the same topic. It turned out that they had not seen my emailed response and started asking the same questions. As I had already sent a written response was it very easy for me to answer their verbal questions. As a follow up was I asked to submit a few more supporting documents. Then IB's representative closed the investigation.

    I felt that the initial emails from IB were rather threatening, including sentences such as "If you do not respond by 01/06/2020, account restrictions may be placed on your account" (I received this on January 1st). However, IB's representative who handled my case was very polite and friendly throughout the entire process. He was also very responsive and replied quickly to any question I had. The whole investigation, after the phone call, was completed within a few days.
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    Getting an interview is rather unusual. Usually it's just a checkbox certifying you're still non-professional. OP's done some stuff to trigger an audit by a real person.
  6. In my case (5 years ago), I received a threatening email demanding I call in for a compliance audit. I called in and some very friendly person said: "Oh, hey. Sorry to both you. We just noticed that one of your email addresses didn't match. Can you confirm? [Yes] Ok, that's it. Have a great weekend."

    No idea what they want from you, but it could easily be something minor.
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    I was interviewed about a number of wire transfers a couple years ago. They wanted to know if the brokerage accounts that I was wiring the money from (to IB) had the same entity name as my IB account. I showed the brokerage statements and everything was fine
  8. Interactive Brokers is conducting a routine review of your account UXXXXXX and we need to ask you a few brief questions.

    This is not a marketing call or a solicitation.

    Please contact us in the Compliance Department at +1 312-542-6935 between 9:00AM and 5:00PM Central Time. If this time is inconvenient for you, please contact your local IBKR customer service general number or send an email to documentsubmission@interactivebrokers.com with a phone number and a time when you can be reached.

    Please reference ticket #XXXXXX

    Failure to comply with this review may lead to the temporary suspension of your trading privileges.
  9. Actually I have a few other accounts, some accounts never used, all received similar emails. accounts under some other person's name which i trade, received this email too.
  10. They can see from which IP you log in. They probably have noted that the accounts under the other person's name log in from the same IP.

    Are all the accounts individual accounts or do you also have a corporate/institutional account?
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