IB Seminar next week NYC

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  1. reminder ..

    there is a free IB seminar next week in NYC

    The seminar is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23. It will begin at 5:30, and last for an hour or two. The location is:

    135 W. 52nd St.
    800 352 8683

    hopefully there will be light refreshments and
    a chance to go over pending issues with the TWS platform
    and suggestions on improvements etc.
  2. I wonder if I will be the only attendee ? :(

    "There will not be refreshments served. I don't think you will be able to login to your laptop. Perhaps we can use mine to examine issues. I do not yet know whether a tech person will be there. This is the first seminar, so we are trying to limit expenditures, until we determine what will come of it. "

    IB event coordinator ...
  3. Huh?

    Did he really say that? Customer service at its best...
  4. in my earlier post I said the date was tues the 23rd

    meant to say wed 23rd
  5. No cookies?
  6. mgkrebs