IB: selecting penny option or natural bid/ask quotes

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  1. We have "penny options" as one of our designations for columns on our TWS worksheet. You are supposed to be able to place a check mark in the row where there is a penny option quote, if instead you want to see the natural bid/ask quotes. However, when we place the check mark in the appropriate location for some reason we still see the regular penny option quotes.

    One other issue: we can't seem to get the open interest to appear either (which is supposed to appear in the next column).
  2. Anyone?
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    We're currently not showing OI figures - it's coming any day, hence you see the column.

    I'm not sure about the other issue, you should contact the CS desk during trading hours if it occurs, as you should be able to switch between the two displays.
  4. Below is the reply of IB. If I understand correctly, it means one is not able to see natural bids AT ALL? Here it is...

    Hello, hope all is well. Regarding your inquiry below.

    There is a hide penny option price, but that will not show the natural bid and offer.

    That is only to hid your penny price when a order is placed.

    Currently under the Penny Option Price feature natural price only is not possible.

    Please let me know if this doesn't answer your inquiry.