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  1. HOBO


    After reading the new IB disclaimer (where the customer is responsible basically for all transaction), I decided to get their Secure Device.

    On this web-page http://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/accounts/secureTransactionProgram.php?ib_entity=llc
    It states for Individual accounts: “All individuals will receive a secure device. There are three variations of the device which will be explained to customers during the subscription process.”

    However during the subscription process, only two types of the device are offered (Platinum or Gold). And it says “…depending on which model you have, the device is locked by a Personal Identification Number (or PIN) …”. But nowhere does it say which one has the PIN number and/or describe what other differences there are. So based on what should the customer make the selection?

    Anybody here has any experience with these tokens?
  2. rwk


    I have two of the platinum devices. They require a 4-digit PIN.

    I too am curious about the third option.

  3. Xenia


    Both (Platinum and Gold) require a 4-digit PIN.
  4. JackR


    Here is an extract of the protection scheme description.

    Each SafeWord token generates and displays single-use passwords on demand (via a unique secret key and an advanced encryption algorithm that is contained inside). The PremierAccess server is linked to the token and uses the same secret key with an event counter to confirm the authenticity of each password presented by each user. After being used once, a token-generated password is then useless and thrown away by the system. If someone steals it and tries to use it again, they are denied access by the PremierAccess server. This virtually eliminates threats from outsiders stealing, copying, or reusing passwords.

    Go here for images of the devices (scroll to bottom of link) and more detail.


  5. rayl


    The third is for API use.
  6. jpatet


    How do you distinguish between:
    the number “5” and the letter “S”
    the number “0” and the letter “O”
    etc. when reading what is displayed on this device?
  7. rayl


    You always assume it's the #. SecureComputing's devices don't output the letters S and O (bec it's a hexadecimal string).
  8. JackR


    The Challenge will always be pure numeric, never any alphas.

    The Response String may contain the numbers 0 through 9 as well as the letters A, H, C, P, E and F. As you can see there are no letter "O"s or "S"s.

    You do not need to capitalize the letters when you enter them into the response window.

    That is for the "Platinum" device. I suspect it is the same for the Gold.

  9. the output is not a hex string.
  10. What's the typical battery life for this thing, assuming you are using it once a day for 30 seconds?
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