IB security token Batteries

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by dont, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. dont


    It occurred to me, that what would I do if the batteries in the security token went dead. So I thought I would buy a spare pair.

    So I open the token, and lo and behold the screws holding the batteries are so tight you can't unscrew them.

    On the same topic what do you do if the damn thing malfunctions and you can't get in?
  2. bluedemon77

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    You can call IB and get a one day exemption. If there is a problem with the token I ASSUME they will overnight you a replacement.
  3. just21


    My first token broke. It took a lot longer than overnight to get it replaced.
  4. dont


    Great so what did you do?
  5. johncool


    Is it possible to generate a few numbers and put those numbers aside, so when your securities token gone bad, you can just use those numbers that you generated while waiting for the security token to be fixed ?
  6. teun


    No, this is not possible. Generated number is only relevant in combination with time.

    I have the passcode card myself and I actually like it better than a token. Security is equal, CC format and no $150 fine when lost.

    And no bateries of course...
  7. dont


    What is a passcode card?
  8. teun


    IB uses different tokens. The passcode card is the simplest. It's a card with 200 numbered codes on it. So they don't change but that doesn't matter for security. So I'm happy with it...
  9. dont


    How do you get a passcode instead of a token
  10. I hate my IB Security Token...
    But these things are SEALED and very reliable...
    Probably have a failure rate < 0.1 %

    Here is some "independent testing"...
    Where the tokens were put through a full wash cycle, etc.

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