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    Just received my device which is blue color oval shape about 1'' X 2". (is this the same for everyone?)There is only one small button. Really appreciate if someone could tell me what to do from here. I have not received any emails saying they have sent the device. There is an accompanying letter which says to activate it. In any case, it will activate in 7 days.

    If you have activated and used this device, please tell me what to do as I am afraid any screw ups will just freeze my account and I can't access.

    Thank you.
  2. When activated you'll see a little space to place the numbers the device generate on the login screen.

    You just put the numbers and proves that its you. As easy as it sounds
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    Do I just press the only button to "on" it? Do I press it everytime I need to log in?

    I read from the IB website there there is even a PIN number for this device but I can't see how I can key in the PIN,(if any) cause there is only one button on the device.
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    No. Safeword "Gold" / "Platinum" have more than 1 button.
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    just do what chauncey1 told you in post above. if you don't activate this security feature, IB will do it automatically within a week or so. all you have to do is press that little button, and enter 6 digit number from device into window that appears after you press login.
    btw-it come with instruction, support phone number and email.:)
  6. Does anyone know if you can opt-out?
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    we talk about many times...too many..
    you can. call 1-203-618-4006(STP hotline) they email you form, that you have to fill and fax back.
  8. That sounds like the device that Ebay/Paypal uses.

    With that one, you simply push the button and it shows a number. You type that number into the web page. These device are "synchronised" with the computer at Paypal (and keyed by account).

    The IB device, at least the one I have, requires you to type in a pin, then a number that IB shows you. You then hit enter and the device calculates another number, which you type back into IB/TWS login.
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  10. IB is using these now? (generic, w/o the paypal of course)

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