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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Dr._Bob, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Dr._Bob


    I have one of those older security devices that certain customers received long before it was a mandatory program.

    I did not check, but I would guess it is about 3 years old. It's a SAFEWORD GOLD 3000.

    It functioned properly until yesterday. It used to be PIN-locked. But the lock is now gone. It still asks for a 5-digit PIN. But after any combination of 4 digits it now grants access to the challenge routine and delivers valid access codes.

    Those of you with older devices might wanna check their devices (in the future) if PIN protection is vital to you.
  2. jtnet


    i think this would be once of those instances when one SHOULD contact IB
  3. Dr._Bob



    a) at this point, I can live without the PIN level security.

    b) Especially going through the hassle of the exchange process is something I would like to avoid.

    c) Contacting IB has been a humiliating experience too often in the past for me.

    Obviously, for other people and different circumstances this might well be a reason to get a new device.
  4. Just for reference, what is your IB account number, your SSN, and your mother's maiden name? I need them to fix your account :p :D :p :D :confused:
  5. I have a Safeword Platinum device for IB, and it too will accept any PIN. However when I tried to actually log in to my account using a false PIN and the security code it provides after entering the "challenge", I was not able to access my account.

    Are you saying you can still log in to IB when you use an incorrect PIN on your device?
  6. Dr._Bob


    >>> Are you saying you can still log in to IB when you use an incorrect PIN on your device?

    Correct. That's what I am saying.
  7. Dr._Bob


    >>> Are you saying you can still log in to IB when you use an incorrect PIN on your device?

    I stand corrected. I have just tried to reproduce logins with incorrect device PINs and ended up with "failed" logins. Strange. I was almost sure that yesterday it was doable. But there must have been an error on my part.

    I apologize for spreading false information.
  8. DutchMan


    In the future, wouldn't be better to contact customer service vs. ET forum. Just my 2 cents
  9. Dr._Bob



    my intention was not to complain about something or to get customer service, but to alert others with similar devices of a potential problem.

    I am still thinking that my device has developed a problem over time with PIN access (which I would like to share), but not with the effects I initially stated. I should have tested more thoroughly before posting here.

    For the record: IB has sent me a private message within 90 minutes of my initial posting here and offered help. That's what I call good service and, on the other hand, another sign that the best channel to IB's service is usually this forum.
  10. maryp


    No apology necessary. It probably DID work as you remembered. How many times have you taken your vehicle into a repair facility with a problem and once you get there, the problem or symptom goes away.
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