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    Ok now I know I'll make the IB basher list and have all the supporters after me, but anyone else getting a warning that IB's security certificate has expired when they go to logon to their account for statments? If I can't get a reasonable explanation for this I'll move on and pay a bit more, but hopefully be happier about the broker I'm trading with.
  2. It appears that it's not the IB X.509 certificate thats expired, but the Versign certificate that used to sign it. If that's the case, it's Verisign's fault. I've emailed IB, but no reply yet.
  3. whatever certificate could get leaked and duplicated. who knows what is going on this morning. it was said that their ssl was disabled for some reasons. got a crack?
  4. No idea what's going on, but IB/Verisign surely should have identified the problem by now and advised IB customers. I'm definitely NOT an IB basher, but this is surely an urgent issue.
  5. Having trouble with many sites due to the Verisign expire. Its not an IB issue.

    One fix is to turn off the setting "Check for server certificate revocation" under IE advanced options.
  6. Here we go www.verisign.com/repository/root.html#c3pca !

    Serial Number: 00 e4 9e fd f3 3a e8 0e cf a5 11 3e 19 a4 24 02 32
    Operational Period: Mon Jan 29, 1996 to Wed Jan 7, 2004
    Certificate SHA1 Fingerprint: 4f65 5663 36db 6598 581d 584a 596c 8793 4d5f 2ab4


    Meanwhile replaced with:

    Serial Number: 70 ba e4 1d 10 d9 29 34 b6 38 ca 7b 03 cc ba bf
    Operational Period: Mon Jan 29, 1996 to Tue Aug 01, 2028
    Certificate SHA1 Fingerprint: 742c 3192 e607 e424 eb45 4954 2be1 bbc5 3e61 74e2

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    Quote from stock777:
    One fix is to turn off the setting "Check for server certificate revocation" under IE advanced options.

    Which you may want to do anyway, especially if you do not have a broadband connection. When this is enabled, it actually downloads a relatively large file and then locally searches for the certificate in that file, instead of querying a server for just that certificate to see if it's been revoked :( . This can add a pregnant pause (used to be about 30 seconds at 50kbps) to connecting to an SSL site. Even with broadband, I'll bet it's noticeable.
  8. I got a notice from MSFT on this during the day. Aparently many website were down because they hadn't updated their Verisgn certs..

    Briefing.com was dwn all day.
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    SUN has released a new java runtime due to recent changes related to trust certificates generated by Verisign.

    Customers using SSL for TWS should upgrade their version of SUN Java to the latest JRE release; 1.4.2_03. Information regarding this change and obtaining the latest JRE can be found on SUN's website: http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
  10. Oh, this is a rather minor problem which can be seen in the industry quite often. You just didn't know it or care about it in most of times. Good, problem identified and solution was given time fashionably. Good job, well done!

    By the way, where is def? Had he retired? I heard that IB handed out billion dollars of bonus. So def retired, didn't he? What def is doing now in Bahamas?
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