IB Security authentication cards

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  1. Does anyone have one of those cards that IB sends you to login?

    I lost mine....

    can anyone tell me the corresponding values for index numbers 12 and 56??
  2. each card is different.
  3. damn
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    Call Customer Service. After answering a ton of questions they will give you another login method good for a few days and send you another magic card.

  5. Plus they'll deduct the cost of the lost card which is at least $100.
  6. Holly F%&k, are you for real?
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    You sure about that?
  8. they will charge you $150 fror the card
  9. JackR


    Early on, when IB was getting most everybody "tokenized", they had three different methods of securing your log-in. I think they worked this way --

    1) The printed card which had reply codes to use versus challenge codes sent during log-in. Each card has unique codes and the IB security server looked for the match to the code it generated.
    Lowest cost.

    2) Gold response generator. A serialized crypto device assigned to your account. IB sends a challenge code. You input the code into the device and it gives you a reply. IB security server verifies answer.
    Moderate cost.

    3) Platinum response generator. Same as unit above but you must input a PIN to get it to produce the correct response. Wrong PIN will appear to work but info is bogus.
    Most costly.

    The Platinum unit is the one they established the $150 deposit for. It was originally offered on a non-mandatory basis for accounts over $100K. I suspect the cost to quin8670 will be a lot less than $150. Let's hope he lets us know the final outcome.

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    you can always ask for token thingy. on one account i got the card-it's pain in a*s
    i called IB and ask for token and they send it right away.
    also-if you have multiple accounts and one of them has a token-you can enable token sharing
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