IB secure e-mail is possible

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by ajax_g, Jan 20, 2002.

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    nobody cares to comment?

    are you so happy with the way IB sends you e-mail?
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    I'm definately upset that IB emails me insecure mail with my name, address, account id, and user name -- everything except the password to your account!!!!!!!!!

    I have sent email to ibmgt expressing my displeasure; I haven't seen them comment on it.

    But there are other solutions besides sending encrypted email.
    Qwest, Pacbell, and Discover all send me an email saying something like 'Your bill for Jan 2002 is now available. Click here to login and see it.' I then login into their secure website in order to see details about my bill. Can you imagine the flak credit card companies would get if they mailed out emails with your name, card #, address, and purchase history ??

    IB already has a secure website where you can view your daily and monthly acount statements. They just need to change their email robot to just send you a pointer to the website. Seems pretty simple. Or for people that like the convenience of looking at their trade executions in their mailbox, you could have the option of mailing the acount statement without the personal info (customer name, address, account#, login name).