IB Sec Comp Token "Alpine" - BATTERIES ?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by local_crusher, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Hello, everyone, especially IB reps.

    You had sent me, without prior notice, an "Alpine" Security Token by Secure Computing. And I am really not happy about it.

    I googled like hell to find out how long it's "design life cycle" is, but no avail.
    10 years ? 20 years ? 1.5 years ?

    It seems there is absolutely no possibility to replace the internal battery, and even if you changed it, the device would probably not work afterwards because it's internal clock was stopped.

    Please help out here. HOW LONG WILL IT (LIKELY) LAST ?

    I use the device about 3 times a day.
    (Ideally, only 1 time a day, but TWS tends to hang/bail out sometimes.)
  2. I also noticed this:

    Really bad: (IB said you don't need a new number when TWS loses connection !)

    To make long story short, I want opt out of this NOW, at least for TWS access. I think it's ok if I write/fax something to the helpdesk ?
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  3. 221 views no reply,

    maybe an employee of IB can try to find out what the typical battery life of the 'thingy' is ?

    It seems there is interest in the issue !

    I doubt I will get a response if I mail Secure Computing myself.
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    call 1-203-618-4006.it's IB's Security device hotline and ask them. same thing for local_crusher-call them on number above. they will send you a form, that you have to fill and send back or fax to them(i think i even upload the form here,on ET somewhere)
  5. Do you have some sort of disability that prevents you from using Google?


    Stop complaining... you are lucky.

    The "platinum" model for larger accounts...
    Is about 100 times the hassle of the Alpine.

    IB doesn't care how much the Customer is inconvenienced by their Security Protocols...
    It's all designed to protect IB...
    By offloading ALL fraud risk from the Broker to the Customer.

    Once you have one of these VERY IMPERFECT devices installed...
    IB can just say ALL fraud is at your end.
  6. I found this website a few days ago already, however, if you read it, it does not mention battery life.

    (Also the PDF)
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    Idiot alert.