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  1. Hi!

    I need Scanners for Ib platform. Ib TWS has scanners(top movers, top volume) but i need real time scanners

    For example if stock has risen/fallen during 1/3/5/10 minutes for example at least 5% i get alert.

    It should be quite robust scanner

    Where should i start to find such scanners. It would be good if there are some API-s for that.
  2. jupiter12


    If I do not mistake eSignal has such real-time scanner
  3. Mayby, but i dont see special need for seperate platform when i have ib real data.
  4. Hi i need your help

    My question is how to find (stock) movers in real time. Or how traders find them?
    Ib market scanner is good for premarket i can compere with last price.
    But i have trouble in real time quotes. I see it afterwards 20-30-100minutes when some move has taken place and i have nothing to do-train has gone already

    One option is watch the news channels. But there are 2 main problems

    1)Stock moves before news are published
    2)Its very Booring to be front of the PC and wait some news

    I appreciate any comment
  5. 2rosy


    i could do this easily. how much would you pay?
  6. ssrrkk


    The problem is you can only do this for 100 stocks at a time unless you get quote boost.