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    Since IB's customer service sucks, I'll just ask the question here and hope someone has the answer...

    I use 3 computers throughout the day....1 home desktop, 1 home laptop and 1 work desktop....

    whenever I save settings on one computer, i have to do the same for each computer....

    I understand there is "store settings on server" feature, but it doesn't seem to do what it says.. which is save the settings...

    So do you all pretty much re-adjust any changes you made manually on each computer you use?
  2. I believe this is a good question, and I would like to know the proper answer.

    What I have done in the past is copy the contents of a folder C:\Program Files\Jts\dxxxxxxxx Where the "x"s appear to be random letters, or could be my encrypted account number. Copying these files appeared to carryover most of what I was interested in. My account appeared to operate normally subsequently.

    Again, I am not sure the above technique is the right one...

    I would also like to know how to copy your "tuned" TWS characteristics to another account properly. I have searched IB's site and forums to no avail.
  3. They have a new option, save settings on their server.
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    -10 for lack of reading comprehension
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    This feature was first available in TWS 874 and is accessed from the login dialog. If you have any problems with it PM me.
  6. Dav any official insight on how to transfer "honed" settings from one account to another?
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    Wow, seems like everyone trying to help has reading comprehension problems like the IB guy. The original post didn't ask when the feature was implemented.

    The questions are:

    How does the Save on Server setting work if you are running TWS from multiple computers?

    Does it save each computer uniquely or same settings carry over to each other computer so you have to re-adjust everytime you switch?
  8. There is also an option to "load setting from server" in tws. I think if you want to transfer settings you can save them in one tws and load them from the other tws.
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    I too have never gotten Store Settings on Server to do what I want! I have a home PC and an office PC. Though I set Store Settings on Server, when I exit and go to the other PC, changes I've made in terms of market data lines, etc., never seem to load onto the other PC!

    But save settings on server does do something. If I delete all the settings files before launching TWS, then I do start with a state that kinda looks almost correct!

    However, alarms are all messed up in that alarms which may have gone off prior to my exiting from the other PC are now restored and go off immediately. It almost seems as if Store Settings on Server got most of the settings but not the alarms. There're may be a few more small diffs that I'm forgetting.

    At one point, I opened the ticket and tried documenting the various issues but I find the feature just too finicky and gave up on the thread.

    Actually there is one more major glitch when upgrading to a new TWS release. Sometimes the first time the new TWS is run, it will restore settings from server and then hang, needing me to kill javaw process, and then start again (and it will work the 2nd time).

    SOOOOOOOOOO -- my workaround has been:

    Go to File and pick Save Settings.
    Email the tws.xml file to myself on the other end.
    Then Restore Settings from the tws.xml file that I had emailed to myself.

    This works for almost everything. The TWS window title (this never changes for me so no big deal) and the Feature Selector settings (I always enable the world so also no big deal) don't seem to get restored properly.
  10. I had the same problem as the op initially and i was never able to locate this so called "load from server option" as you claim.

    However, for some reason it started working after i did a fresh TWS installation and logged into my account using the "save settings on server" check box that shows up on the login screen. So do a fresh installation(save your settings in a file first just in case lol) then the first time you login check the "save settings on server" box.
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