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  1. Where is the main untitled trading page saved?

    ie. Everytime I access my account from my laptop vs my desktop computer, the main trading page is different. Same when I access the standalone app vs the java app on the same computer.

    I'm assuming they save these in certain locations?

    Anyone know the specifics of this so that I can access the same tickers everytime I open IB no matter from where or what app? Is it as simple as saving the basket?
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    the data is stored locally on your computer (once you hit the save data button

    To copy the TWS Symbols Page to another PC/user:

    1. Go to My Computer and Click on C:
    2. Click IBJts folder (if you are using the browser version) or Go to the
    C:\jts folder (if you are
    using the installed version)
    3. In there, you should see a numbers of sub-folders (i.e. dblsxykm).
    4. The difficult part is to trying to determine which folder is for which
    5. Inside those folders, you should see a file called jts.pg
    6. Copy this file to a disk.
    7. If you want to put this to another computer, then open up My Computer on
    your other computer and
    repeat steps 1 to 3.
    8. Paste the jts to the folder that you copied the jts The folders should
    have the same name
  3. Thanks def. Very helpful and solves my problem.