IB Same Margins for Front and Back Contracts?

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    I can only see the margins for each symbols. Just wonder if IB has different margins for the front and back contracts. Say the first two and the 6th or 12th contracts.
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    I figured this out. Just check margin impact on the new trade.

    The front and back margins are different. IB only displays the front contract margins at website.
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    Anyone have any links related to this?
  4. Right click ticker symbol in TWS > Financial Instrument Info > Description shows the margin requirements of a specific contract. Compare for example CL Jan'22 vs. CL Feb'22.
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    You can just set a dummy trade (do not submit), then right click "check margin impact".
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    That is to be expected. It would be very unwieldy for them to list the margin reqs for every trading month available. After all, they assume you are a day-trader and don't know anything other than the front month. Petterfy assumes you are stupid.

  7. Sure. But then the calculation is based on the quantity of the (dummy) order. Of course you could set the quantity to 1, regardless of your order presets etc. Anyhow, I prefer to use the way I described above. Can be configured to open with a double-click as well.
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    Take a look at CLG22 or CLH22 and let me know what margin rate you get with your way?
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    The description window contains more information like trading hours etc, I cropped it to what's relevant here.
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    Mine has no margin info. I do not want to go through the "config" to change it. Not sure if TWS version has anything to do with it.

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