IB RRSP for Canadians

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by riddle, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. riddle


    I know that there are a few Canadian IB customers here. Please take a couple of minutes to vote for having IB start offering RRSP accounts. The voting page is at:

    You'll have to first goto your account management screen and setup a voting username (under 'user management').

    My entry is #1074 :
    Please add RRSP as an account type for Canadian customers. This was promised ages ago, but then dropped. The requirements are easy (long only & withdrawals/deposits reported), and competition is almost non-existant. [\i]

  2. lescor


    I will vote, but will second the idea here as well. Please IB, we're starvin' here...
  3. I just voted, it would be great
  4. ozzy


    I would love to see an RRSP account at IB. I'm managing two RRSP accounts at TD and I cringe everytýme I make a trade with them.

    IB help us out!