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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by hpex1, Jan 18, 2002.

  1. hpex1


    I have noticed many of my trades being routed to PRIMEX for execution when using the "best" routing function on NYSE listed stocks.

    As a result I am missing out on maximum price improvement offered on the floor execution if the spread is wide.

    Any comments on PRIMEX, who they are, and how the orders are handled would be appreciated.
  2. Htrader

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    What stocks do you normally trade? I trade nyse on IB and have never seen PRIMEX as an execution route.
  3. hpex1


    PRIMEX execution occured yesterday on MMM

    and the prior day on GD
  4. PRIMXEX sucks I constantly get fills higher the the offer and some times higher then the high of the day. I didn't realize it but the BEST setting was on the IB update I just went back to NYSE.
  5. Catoosa


    No problems here on PRIMEX.
    I use IB Best execution most of the time and have several fills each day via PRIMEX. All fill prices are as I would expect. All these fills are on NASDAQ stocks. I looked on IB and did not see PRIMEX as a order routing choice on any of the NYSE listed stocks I checked, but I only checked a few symbols.

  6. brandon


  7. I got alot of primex fills today using IB BEST EX on naz stocks.

    Where did primex come from anyway????
  8. nitro


    This was the first time I saw Primex as well!

    If def is listening, has there been a change in the way that "BEST" algorithm routes an order?

    I have no real complain with Primes, yet...

  9. Eldredge


    I got several fills on Primex for Nasdaq stocks, but I probably got twice as many "failures". I was using IB Best execution, and I was not at all pleased. The executions reminded me of the old SOES system or even AMEX trades. My order would be routed to PRIMEX, and it would get filled if the market was moving in my favor, and would be switched to Island or another ECN if the market was moving against me! Of course, a very critical one - three seconds was wasted while PRIMEX backed away. Very poor. I have liked using BEST EXECUTION since the advent of SUPERSOES, but I am seriously considering changing my routing. If this thing is an ECN, BEST ECN will suck too. This could be a real bummer, I have really enjoyed not having to route my own orders, and for my trading style it makes a big difference at times. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to work around PRIMEX?
  10. ddefina


    Maybe you can reload an older version of TWS until they get it fixed?
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