IB routing: Timber Hill or the customer?

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  1. If we placed an order to buy 50 options at the bid on one exchange (e.g. CBOE), and Timber Hill did the same on another exchange (e.g. PHLX), if another IB customer sells 50 options at the bid, to who/ which exchange will the trade be routed?
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  3. almost 6 months i dont get a fill at hill, what happen to the guys, before they were often on the opposite side of my trades.
  4. Is this a requirement?
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    There are many posts on this board about Timber Hill and and their relationship to IB. Both are owned by the IB Group.

    As has been explained many times, IB (brokerage) routes all orders to the best bid/offer. They go to Timber Hill if the Timber Hill quote is the best or matches the best.

    Obviously, this is an IB policy to ensure that there is no conflict between their brokerage function and their market-making function. One can safely assume that IB would extend the policy to all new markets and products to preclude customer dissatisfaction. The new Penny Option system seems to be designed the same way.

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    No. It is self imposed.
  7. Commendable.