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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by mbg, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. mbg


    routing really sloooooooooooooow this morning - yuk
  2. mbg


    Def -

    today - routing through BEST sometimes ultra fast, and also ultra slow - it's literally hit or miss - for me at least
  3. mbg


    actually, its hit or miss on all of them - just checked

    have to go back to Terranova for now - this is Russian Roulette - and I'm not playing
  4. My quotes seemed to be a bit delayed (1-2 seconds) today compared to my other data provider. Anyone else having a delay????
  5. mbg


    IB really stinks today - cost me plenty while I placed an order - it stayed blue for like 10-15 seconds, and then went green - of course, the stock wasn't near that price anymore
  6. JPB


    My IB quotes are updating about every 3-4 seconds. Routing through BEST seems to be about as slow, missing fills, cancels take 10 seconds or so to confirm...

  7. Babak


    def, could you please answer the following:

    if IB's quotes are behind, would an order placed through BEST be compromised because of this?
  8. You guys are right, the routing sucked today.
  9. nitro


    I am beginning to believe that it is not the datafeed that is the problem, but the GUI.

    I will try to submit a program to prove my point.

  10. mbg


    IB slowing up to a crawl again today -although it was good this morning

    Def - what gives? cheap commissions don't make up for poor computer systems - aka - bad fills because of slow performance
    #10     Apr 10, 2002