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  1. Maybe def or anyone could help me to understand the difference between these exchanges under IB TWS when we check the valid exchanges inside IB:


    I know what is SUPERSOES, but what is exactly NASDAQ and NASDAQQ route ?

    Also, if TMBR is only available across SMART route, why we see it again inside the valid exchange list as a destination?

    BTW, on the website of IB we can read that REDI is available as exchange, but I cannot see it inside valid exchanges list, do you have a special name for it under the destination field?

    Thx for your reply.
  2. alanm


    REDI is no more. The last trade was executed in November 2002. It was sucked into the black hole named ARCA, from which executions do not emerge :-(
  3. def

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    what stock are you looking at? I put up a bunch of NASDAQ stocks and don't get those choices - even when clicking on the exchange field after lining up an order.

    For the nasdaq, and nasdaqq - i'm guesing but perhaps, SOES, supersoes and selectnet.
  4. Thx Alanm, it seem the website of IB for the available exchanges is not updated because REDIbook is again on webpage.
  5. Def,
    it was MSFT stock. I call the the symbol with the API v6.1 for to obtain the complete listing of validExchanges under the reqContractDetails(), and I obtain NASDAQ and NASDAQQ (call with the API for the edemo account and the live TWS respectively), and aditionnaly SUPERSOES exchange for live TWS. No document seem available on the IB website for tho explain these routes. It could be usefull to have a complete listing with some explanations on these routes if someone at IB could put it on the website.

  6. def

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    Can't help with the API as I don't have the time to play around with it. Try posting a message on the IB site API forum. One of the developers follows the site plus other knowledgable users who may be able to help.

    If you don't have luck send me a PM tomorrow around this time and I'll trace it for you.