IB retail pit access or not ???

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by local_crusher, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    weeks ago Steve_IB made some comments here sounding like IB was about to enable pit trading on retail accts.

    He also mentioned an announcement soon.

    Did I misunderstand ? Will IB implement pit access or are there no plans ?

    Regards, Happy Holidays and best wishes - local
  2. def

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    It's coming. Internal beta testing is taking place.
  3. ozzy


    Sweeeeeet. I always wanted to trade pigs. IB is the mack daddy I tell ya. !!!!

    Now if you can only imporove on your DOM (order entry) so I don't have to use a 3rd party vendor !!??

    Than I would really really love you.

  4. Sashe


    Is this about the open outcry commodity markets? Or the electronic access to the pits? Which markets will be covered? Thanks
  5. Fantastic news, Def... please keep us updated on this thread.
  6. def

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    Please be patient. I'm not sure of the order of the roll out. Full details will be made via a company announcement in due course.
  7. Couldn't we just get a little lean hogs early? :D :D :D
  8. Dear IB reps,

    it would be kind if someone could make a statement if NYMEX/pit and NYMEX access will be included.

    This would be the most important exchange, I cannot see how NYMEX would go fully electronic in the next 10 years.
  9. ktm


    Patience young grasshopper.
  10. TGM


    They are testing everything right now. A big fat cat at IB told me so. Yes they are rolling out all the Pits ---first Chicago and then NY. They are doing Chicago first. That is what they are working on right now ---getting all the bugs out. So you guys do not light a thread up ---day one talking about how IB rolled out PIt access and everything is screwed up and orders lost etc. and everyone is out big time!

    You should be able to cross out through electronic markets as well. Notice the Grains already trade on IB's system at night. You will be able to buy at night and use the Pit during the day to bail. Which is interesting because IB will be one of the only Brokers on earth allowing this type of thing on one platform. I cannot imagine them not doing for New York as well (they already have Nymex Access on the platform).

    Patience, any day now an announcement will be made. As soon as it is good to go. Cheer up at least they told you ahead of time. Plus it is Christmas. Be cool.

    Just so you guys know ----I have done a few pit orders over the last decade. They are not instant. So if you send your little ticket through IB ---it wont be as fast as ---say an order for a YM. :)

    I can see the thread already about the Cotton execution that took 45 minutes because the broker puked and shorted out his hand held.

    (please do not ask me to divulge my IB source---I do not want any knocks at my door at midnight.

    And DEF ---for gods sake you should know better than to tell folks on an ET thread about big news like this before IB releases it. You know that they (we) are going to bug the hell out of you. You guys are masochists.)
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