IB reminds me of Etrade in its early days

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Adobian, May 15, 2006.

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    Everyone jumps on the bandwagon, and problems start occurring. Even after Etrade IPO, with loads of cash, you still get tons of complaints for Etrade, I never got it. Too many customers due to low commish caused big headaches for everyone. IB might go this way too, no ?
  2. Pardon me for saying this, but you seem pretty damn clueless.
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    Have you listened to a lot of Hendrix?
  4. You are probably right, but an insanely amount of fan(boys) here, wouldn't make much sense to tell them that.

    Idiotic consumers never change :)
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    Hahah LOL :)
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    are you saying that customers of ib are idiots?
  7. No, I'm saying consumers in general.

    I was one to stay with Etrade, it cost me a lot of money.... I learned from that, but so many people go to IB, that even if there were problems, they wouldn't be wise enough to seek a better alternative.

    I had to lose a good chunk of money from a problem with Etrade before I switched.

    Fanboys.... are idiots though, I will say that, never grow too attached to a broker. There are plenty of them that defend IB like they are on a mission from god. :)
  8. LOL.

    Its the wankers and halfwits (maybe half a halfwit in this case) who keep having a go whether justified or not that make the asylum run.

    Keep it up lawnmowery man.
  9. Thanks, I suppose you are a fanboy of a particular product or service, this is why you insult me for no reason, as I have never insulted you?

    Hmmm, that made a lot of sense, thanks for calling me a wanker.
  10. Depending upon what your needs are....then yes. It's crap on wheels.

    For me it's completely unusable for any sort of stat-arb system where the system logic sprays orders all over the book and then cancel/replace/modifies and/or fills those orders as needed.

    IB has one of the most restrictive set of order allowances that I've ever seen from someone who claims to be "broker to the world."

    1) ARCA proactive logic turned OFF....that in and of itself is enough to rule out IB for any serious trader.

    2) Cancel fees

    3) Bundling (snapshot) of their Time & Sales and Volume therein.

    4) Limiting of message Volume.

    5) Very weak API....as per all the bullshit restrictions they put on one.

    IB is laughable joke for anything other than "one button freds."

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