IB relocated to India ?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Kicking, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. I keep seeing mentions of IB India this , IB India that ...
    So they are in India now ?
    Is that why they are more FUBAR than ever ?
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    Where do you keep seeing mentions?
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  4. The Company is 99.9% owned by IBG LLC, formerly known as Interactive Brokers Group LLC,("IBG LLC" or "the Group"). In addition to the Company, the Group is comprised of thefollowing companies: Timber Hill LLC ("THLLC"), Timber Hill Europe AG ("THE"), TimberHill Securities Hong Kong Limited ("THSHK"), Timber Hill Australia Pty Limited ("THA"),Timber Hill Canada Company ("THC"), Interactive Brokers Canada Inc. ("IBC"), InteractiveBrokers (U.K.) Limited ("IBUK"), Interactive Brokers (India) Private Limited ("IBI"), InteractiveBrokers Hungary Kft ("IBH") and IB Exchange Corp. ("IBEC").
    So, no.
  5. that was a joke obviously !

    But I wonder why someone in Europe would be dealing with IB "India" .
    Talking about India, I recently ordered $600 worth of stuff on Amazon A to Z stores and got only $200 worth ofgoods and Amazon went dead after they reimbursed me for one of the item , the least expensive item I ordered which was correctly delivered. I think Amazon CS moved to India :D . All the guys I talked to were either Mokhtars or Mohammeds. Come to think of it , that sounds more liek Pakistan ...
  6. That would have been hilarious if he was serious :cool: