IB Reliability

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by rtstrading, Sep 20, 2001.

  1. The more important question in my mind, is one of IB's computer system reliability.

    What has been your experience with their system?

    Stuck in any trades?

    Do you have a backup broker?

    Do they have a backup system?
  2. Can anybody update us on the execution confirmation problem some IB users experienced with Globex contracts?
  3. kicking-

    I was the original poster of those problems, and as far as I can tell, their new build has fixed the problem.
  4. tymjr


    I've used IB in the last week and I've had no problem with the software. Of course, I was not initially experiencing any problems with it that I was aware of.
  5. ... but if you don't understand how their system works for different types of orders (ie, BEST, Nasdaq stop orders, etc) I can see how it can be frustrating.

    -- Punter.
  6. tymjr


    rtstrading: “Stuck in any trades?”

    Yes, but not for quite awhile, now.

    “Do you have a backup broker?”


    “Do they have a backup system?”

    Yes, you can phone the trade desk. :)
  7. I have three brokers all together.

    One is direct access and all electronic (IB). Yes they do have telephone capability, but how quickly will they answer if their systems go down?

    One is an online discount broker with online and telephone access. (Schwab)

    The other is a discount broker, telephone access only. (Yamner).

    I figure the odds of all three being unavailable at the same time is extremely low, since they have different ways of working with the customer.

    -- Punter