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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by BSAM, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. BSAM


    The IB Release Notes for Build 815 states: "The internal processes for handling market data have been enhanced."

    Hmm....Wonder exactly what this means?:confused: Better quotes?
  2. jebara

    jebara Guest

    Where can i see the release notes? I would love know what features were added or changed.
  3. BSAM


    Go to the IB website. In the Search box, type release notes. Then click on "Index to TWS Release Notes".
  4. jebara

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    Hey from the release notes they are doing an upgrade to features just about every 15 days if not earlier. When they a finish a feature or two they dont wait for a big launch, they just release them. Also they probably increased the spead and reliability of the quotes. They also probably made made TWS run better.
  5. see release notes from tws, go to help --> release notes.

    when are they releasing the announcement about the new commissions?
  6. jebara

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    They never mentioned that and anyway they are as bare bones as can be. I doubt they will get any cheaper trading styles. I dont want to cut prices, and then lose quality of service.
  7. Momento


    where did you hear that they are lower comm?
  8. they said a relief in commissions should be announced in january, and they cannot currently provide further details.

    I doubt they will let lowering commissions lower quality of service.

    if TS lowered eminis fees to $2.5 per contact, it's definitely possible for IB to lower them to stay ahead. YM on IB is already $2.06 per contract. ES and NQ are left..

  9. running great since upgrade.
  10. does ssl work now?
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