IB refuses to answer problem ticket so how about you guys???

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by JK124, Feb 19, 2008.

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    Can anyone explain to me what the hell is going on here? I thought I had it figured out, but I obviously don't.....I show a 0 position in EUR yet my net liquidation value is -241.95 and I still have a current initial margin of 7.13. Finally on the bottom you will see a -.80 market value for a 0 position. I've requested assistance twice from IB through their problem ticket (dis)service....with no reply. Maybe one of you fellas can help me out??? I wouldn't have a problem with it so much if my account wouldn't shrink on a daily basis......See pic below....

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    I wrote my first problem ticket on the 10th and the second went out on the 13th. Unless IB recognizes extra national holidays that I'm not aware of....I'm pretty sure I gave ample time to respond to my request.

    EDIT: Why erase your post? DEF.....
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    because when looking over my initial response I wasn't sure I had enough info to provide an accurate answer.
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    Well...since I have your attention. As a representative of Interactive Brokers....how do you suggest I go about rectifiying the situation?
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    i had a wierd problem where part of my order executed outside normal hours. They stopped responding to the ticket after they realized they were at fault. I was able to sell the position near the incorrect execution price while I was waiting (i wrote about 3-4 times and it was over ap eriod of a week and half). IB doesn't answer tickets when they are at fault.
  6. looks to me like you are missing the Accrued interest column under the market value panel. right click on the column lables (where it says currency, cash, etc.) and select configure. check the box that says 'accrued interest' and see if that doesn't make sense of your problem.
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    That's just great.....extremely reassuring.....

    Still doesn't make sense to me.....how about you???

  8. starting to make a little more sense...i see you have -174.00 in accrued interest, which is what i expected was making up the imbalance...

    now turn the accrued interest column on under the MARKET VALUE panel

    i'm guessing you were taking large long USD positions against the EURO? that would explain where the interest came from...
  9. You have an interest payable of 241.95 EUR (you can confirm on your daily statement).
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    I actually got a response to my ticket just now :D (the one I wrote today....amazing what a litte whinning on ET can do!) Same response as yours!! Interest payable in EUR. So how do I settle this bill I've got??? Many thanks in advance...
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