IB realtime chart stopped moving

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by z32000, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. z32000


    why did IB realtime charts stop moving during the day?

    It's done this in the past, but now it's doing it again....the chart didn't seem to be updating but the market prices were moving...this is annoying!
  2. 1. Presumably you don't mean now (weekend)?

    2. Did last price change or were the bid and ask changing?

    3. What version of TWS and Java?
  3. gangof4


    this is par for the course for IB charts- especially if you're using line charts- they freeze a lot.

    charts would be @ the bottom of the list for IB priorities. they also have a serious lag, so they're useless if you're trading.

    lots of alternative, i know Kiwi and others are happy with Sierra Charts. you can also open an acct with tradestation and do enough biz to get the charts for free (easy hurdle). couple alternatives, there are many more, as i'm sure you know...
  4. I downloaded new TWS and API, could not download historical data, keep getting error complaining wrong security type.

    Hope IB can fix it soon, clearly a bug.
  5. For fxxxk sake ... why don't people say what versions of stuff they have. It would be much more helpful to people trying to avoid issues. Or to validate that they don't have issues with the same version.

    I used 878.5 (my normal) and 879.2 both with the latest API (not the beta) which is 9.3 and java 1.6_03.

    Absolutely no problems with backfill daily or intraday. Of course its the weekend now so even if I was still logged in the server might be shut down.
  6. Mine is on Vista, the sample code provided by IB (VB.NET, download historical data) does not work, downloaded with the very latest everything today, totally screwed up by IB
  7. LOL ... totally screwed up by yourself.

    Vista = kid's eye candy machine.

    Do yourself a favour and reformat the hard disk and install XP Pro.