IB/Realtick deal?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by illiquid, Dec 10, 2002.

  1. Noticed a discounted offer from e-signal for all IB users, which includes all the futures exchanges -- any such deal forthcoming with IB and Realtick? :)
  2. why would realtick do that?they are competitors.
  3. Spark


    costly 250+

    future depth i get in ib free, but u have to pay 30 bucks to realtick

    but i like hot trend in realtick.........
  4. gaj


    i hate to do the 'one thing is worth it', but hottrend from realtick makes me not even consider anyone else.
  5. marketgauge is kinda sweet too
  6. Does real tick have a feature which measures "trade rate" in real time?

    QCharts has this and it is very handy. Within a quote sheet I get a list of stocks with the highest trade rate which I can then sort by various columns.

    I looked at Hotrend but that seems to involve alot more than just straight data.
  7. what is hottrend?
  8. JayK


    I agree with some of the previous comments - eSignal is sufficient, no reason (for me) to go to Realtick. Same quality, lower prices, excellent service.
  9. I never thought of realtick as a competitor to IB -- to me they are quite complementary, and I prefer having order entry and data feed segregated. I might be missing something but it doesn't seem like IB has any charting or historical studies capability to speak of.
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