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  1. Are there any Raleigh area traders with IB accounts?
  2. what's up Hoodman?
    I am raleigh based.
  3. Do you have an IB account and if so how long have you had it? Thanks for the reply. Regards
  4. more than 2 years with IB.
  5. In the past, I've had two accounts with IB. Both times, I had to close my account because I couldn't log in to the TWS and could get no support from IB on this issue.

    Have you ever not been able to log into the TWS and then later solved the problem?
  6. it never happened to me.
    only once i had to reset my password. so i called support number and they helped me.
    Are you member of Raleigh day traders meetup group?
  7. No.