IB raising margin every week?

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    Today i check margin on many emini and i noticed that Interactive Brokers raised margin on many futures by 30% again. For example NQ margin was $2750 and now its a $3750.
  2. It's the prudent thing to do. If the banks did the same thing in 2003-2005, we wouldn't of had the financial crisis. Ironically, the margin increase is for your own good--it forces you to keep more liquid funds available. Hate to see you have to sell your house to cover a margin call, like in the 28-32 era.
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  4. It is the CME raising margins and all brokers have to follow.

    ES went from $5063 to $5625, an 11% increase.
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  6. CME has raised equity index margins twice (so far) this quarter. Brokers are required to use exchange minimum margins for positions opened or held overnight. Intraday margins are negotiable between the brokerage, the clearing firm and the customer.

  7. You need to prepare yourself for November margin increases for trading futures. CME determines margin by a formula based on maximum loss potential.

    October's margin increase for trading ES futures were based on September's 60-70 point swings and November's margin increase will be based on a few days of 100 point + swing. Guessing margins will be increased to $7500 based on volatility and max loss potential.
  8. Brokers are free to charge any margin at or above the exchange minimum for overnight positions.
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    i don't know wtf is wrong with IB..with 70K in bonds,5K cash i got zero buying power this morning before market open. i was unable to buy anything..how to hell i don't have buying power with cash on my account???
    then-few minutes later-15K of buying power..every single fucking day there something wrong with IB...
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