IB raising intraday margin

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  1. IB raising intraday margin requirements for equity linked index futures.
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    to what?
  3. IB says the margin requirements will be set to cover a 4% price move in the instrument but will not exceed the regular maintenance margin.
  4. Likely they are worried that many customers may not be able to meet margin calls.
    Which means that many daytraders are losing money recently.
  5. so they punish the traders that know how to manage risk...unreal....they make no exceptions for anyone after getting off the phone with them....let the novices blow up their accounts just as i did when i started...that`s what the disclaimers are for in the fine print.to protect timber hill.
    after 11 years with them...it`s adios.....wire me to open e cry!
  6. You should be thanking them. They run a responsible business. I'd rather have that than $500 ES margin or whatever these other people offer.
  7. i know what you mean in that respect......& they do run a responsible biz. but not almost a 50% haircut on leverage overnite ,that is unacceptable.no need to punish those whom can manage risk vs. those whom choose to whine because they can not.
  8. You gunslingers can blow me.

    It's not IB's business to cater to your gambling problem.

    Not one of you can be trusted to manage a lemonade stand, no less high risk futures.

    lol, get real
  9. ps IB just bounced 50 cents since my am call. Glad you had it
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    Is there a link to the announcement? I did not get an email from IB.

    Tradestation requires a lot more than IB did btw, I think it was nearly double.
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