IB raises monthly fees

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    Linked Accounts - Monthly Fee Change

    Dear IB Trader,

    Effective with the October monthly billing cycle, customers choosing to subscribe to U.S. non-professional real-time market data will no longer have the $10 (or USD equivalent) monthly fee waived unless the monthly activity fees generated by that specific account total $30 or more.

    This represents a change to the prior policy under which this fee was waived if the monthly activity fees for all related accounts, collectively, totaled $30 or more.

    How much does IB charge customers who choose not to subscribe to U.S. non-professional real-time market data?
  2. so have we got to pay for data also now?
    nice timin' since we gotta pay for arca book as well, innit.
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    Effective with the October monthly billing cycle.

    Does this mean they are already charging the fee?:confused:
  4. They f**k you, and they f**k you, and they f**k you. And just when you think the f**king's over, that's when the real f**king begins!
  5. would not bother me as much if the Yankees were winning !

  6. Lets get this right. As I read it the message says:

    - if in one account you have $30 commissions on anything (HSI, SGXNK etc) then you don't pay the US "free" services fee.

    - if its a linked account and doesn't have $30 commissions (but your primary ones do) then now you do pay the $10 US "free" services fee.

    IB, is that interpretation correct?
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    If you have one account, nothing changes. Data is free for US markets if your commissions are > $30.

    If you have two or more accounts, each account will have to generate $30 or more in comissions to have the $10 min waived.

    It's very straight forward.
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    Can one choose not to subscribe market data? I mean not at all, one even in one account, so as not to be charged $10 fee for each account?


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    under account management, you can subscribe/unsubscribe to markets as you please. (note: keep in mind if you subscribe at any time during the month, you'll be charged since that's how the reporting to the exchanges work).
  10. I just sign up today and tick all the free services they are offering--So those free services have fees if you don't have 30 bucks of comm. for the month?? Do they have the best rates among brokers?? I'm only interested on equities for now.
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