IB raised ICE NYBOT data to $55

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  1. Is it possible to trade TF without subscribing to ICE NYBOT data?
  2. Both IQFeed and ESignal are offering the ICE Index feed, which includes TF among others, for free, into Q1-2009. Additionally, TF real-time is available free of charge for now, on the ICE website. Of course, IQFeed and ESignal require basic subscriptions to get the feed.

  3. Yeah, $1 to $55... nice rate of inflation there... I canceled NYBOT/ICE on IB last night just so I wouldn't forget before Nov 1. I thought exchanges preferred having traders to data fees. I guess I was wrong.
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    IB issued a followup notice. The $55 only applies to the Professional subscription. The $1 rate still applies to non-professionals.

    I don't understand why IB can't roll just the Russell into the $10 package. You'd think they could negotiate that with the NYBOT.

  5. I did not notice that. I will unsubscribe first, wait until Nov 1 and look for the $1 for non-professional. Thanks.

  6. IB doesn't actually charge the $1 a month for the ICE/NYBOT data feed. It is a nonfee fee.

    For some reason IB only wants accounts eligible to trade futures to have the ICE/NYBOT feed so the $1 fee (that isn't really charged) limits which accounts can subscribe and keeps the rift raft out.
  7. Oct 29, 2008


    The implementation of the fee increase for Professional market data for the ICE and NYBOT has been postponed. Further details will be provided as they become available.

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    Anyone know why they didn't go ahead with the rate increase? Maybe they got a lot of push back on it (hopefully).
  8. Update on that post of mine.

    IB customers are now being charged $1.00 a month for the "free" ICE/NYBOT data feed.

    Contrary to the post from IB representative JPasciolla in the thread "What are you ER2 fellows doing..." and phone confirmation from another IB representative back in September that the $1.00 ICE/NYBOT data fee would not be charged, the $1.00 charge for September showed up on my 10/28/2008 statement.

    The IB answer as to what happened is:

    "I do apologize for the inconvenience, it is true that the subscription was free roughly about a month or two ago. However that has changed and the new fee for this subscription is US $1.00. If you need clarification regarding this matter please email marketdata@interactivebrokers.com"

    No notice ahead of time from IB that they changed their policy. And why do they even need to charge $1 a month for the ICE/NYBOT data feed anyway?