IB raise account fees

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Salmon, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. Salmon


    I had pay 3 dollars monthly fee, it is 10 dollars now!!!
  2. if this is your worst problem youre in good shape
  3. Digs



    Are you sure thats not the market data feed cost ???
  4. Salmon


    no, it is without market data, just fee.
  5. Ebo


    You are in the wrong business if you are concerned about $10 and have the time to comment on it on here.

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    clearly signs of inflation...
  7. It is this comment that make me start to feel the urgency to comment in this thread.

    I originally thought that IB raised this fee in the name of unloading the burden on back of their loyal due-payers who trade much more frequently. They stated this new fee made it more "fair". But I don't understand why IB also charged new cancellation fee to punish their loyal hard-working tireless due-payers who keep generating revenue for them. In fact a couple of them just broke in matter of weeks after the new fee severely affecting their ability to continue trading. I know they say it is the exchanges thing. But in fact IB charges more strictly and heavily than the exchanges do. Of course, if IB have some difficulty and must charge this way, let us know. And we may try to understand it.

    Loyal due-payers need some relief. Please!

  8. noname


    heres a thought for you whinning maggots. Get an Etrade account and pay 10 times as much for shitty execution and a 1/20th of the markets
  9. def

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    NoMoreOptions/QDZ: the option cancel fee has NOTHING to do with a minimum commission requirement per month. If as you suggest you used to trade options (or still do trade options), most likely you pay a data fee and then there will be no additional charge to you.

    IB raised the minimum to $10 per month from those over 25 years of age (those under have a $3 requirement). BUT- US stock data feeds cost $10 per month. we also seem to have a some people who are opening accounts for our futures data feeds and not trading with us. Some of the overseas feeds are free or cheaper than other providers. Finally, a good portion of requests for help come from accounts which generate very little commission income.

    The end result of the increase should be (assuming those who don't like it close their accounts) better utilization of resources for those that actually trade.

    Note: this fee only affects those that choose not generate a total of $10 in commissions AND/OR market data fees.
  10. prox


    It's been $10 for as long as I know..
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