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  1. Just downloaded the Quotetracker and had some questions re the link between IB and Quotetracker.

    Is it faster /easier to trade from within IB and toggle to Quotetracker for charts, L2, etc. or trade and do everything from within Quotetracker ?

    Is there a way to toggle back and forth between IB and Quotetracker ? Are there any security issues to be concerned about if logging on to one's IB account from within Quotetracker ?

    For those with IB accounts using Quotetracker what has been your experience using the two together ?

  2. TraderBob:
    Some people like the IB interface better. Many others like ours. Both have their limitations. If you are primarily using QT for quotes, you can just double click and send the order from QT, which would be faster. You can always try it with the IB DEMO and see which way is faster for you to pull the trigger.

    TWS has to be running - thats what QT connects to (if you have not configured that yet, go to http://www.quotetracker.com/help/ib.shtml for instructions)
    You can always switch between the QT window and TWS window and place the trades through either one - QT does not have a problem with that.

    With IB, you enter the login info into TWS the way you normally would, then QT connects to TWS. You are not entering the login info into QT, so hopefully that alleviates your fears. Even with other brokers where you would enter the login info into QT, our system tends to have more safeguards than can be put in place via a regular browser.

    As for experience with the two together, I will let our users handle that question :)

    Some helpful hints to make order entry faster.

    Go to OPTIONS/Data Sources menu in QT. Click on TRADING tab. Then do the following:

    • Check the box for "Double-click on bid/ask/last invokes trading"
    • If you trade the same stock same amounts all the time, UN-check the box for "Clear trade panel after transaction"
    • Click on OTHER SETTINGS sub-tab and change "Show Successful Transaction Notification" to NO. Change Order type, etc to the defaults that you prefer.
    • Click on # of Shares sub-tab and specify the rules that QT should use for defaulting the quantity on trades (you can always change the actual value prior to sending the order)
    Jerry Medved
  3. TraderBob, I use QT and IB everyday. I have tried it both ways, but I have ended up using QT for my data and placing all my orders directly through IB. QT has a better order entry setup, but you can't attach trailing stops or auto stops to the order as you can through IB.

    Another thing that happened was that I placed an order to buy through QT and then canceled the order. The only thing, it did not cancel the order and I didn't know it. A couple mins. later I placed the order again only to buy twice what I wanted. I don't know if it was QT or IB but somehow the cancel was frozen in the system.

    Anyway, I think it works great to have both open at the same time; it's just easier for me to know what's going on with the order. My screen space is limited, but I have manipulated my windows around to where it is extremely easy to click from one to the other. And by using hotkeys, I find it easy to carry a couple positions at the same time.

    Hope this helps.

    Good trading.
  4. Thanks very much for your great comments. It looks like QT makes a nice complement to IB's TWS. Too bad IB doesn't make it a part of TWS.
  5. When time is the essence, go for a multy screen setup. QT on one screen, your broker on the next. Prices for multy screen setups are coming down fast
  6. Eddy


    just a quick question for QuoteTracker users/developers : is it possible to chart some market depth information as provided by IB ?
    I am thinking here mainly to get a chart with the cumulative bid / asksize (at the 5th level) for the Eminis (ES/NQ) or DOW Mini (YM)

    Thanks for the information


    PS : background of this question : i know such information (market depth data) used to be not accessible with older TWS API version (6.1 and before), but it is now since IB introduced API 7.0...
  7. Eddy


    thank you very much for your prompt answer.

    However, my main concern was in fact not about getting this information in QT thru a static Level II / market depth type of window displaying in real time the latest available SPOT data (as you mentioned it, this is indeed possible and working nicely with IB data), but was about the possibility of building from realtime data an HISTORICAL bar chart of some market depth information using the usual intraday charting features that QT offers for other stocks, indexes or future symbols.

    After checking your webpage at http://quotetracker.com/help/ib.shtml, it looks like it is presently not possible to select as chart symbol input a given CME market depth data. So, I was wondering if you could may be consider adding some CME market depth data (at least the 2 most significant = cumulative bid and ask size at the 5th level) to the list of possible symbols to be charted in QT.

    As far as I know, among the main datafeed provider, IB is one of the very rare which make the individual CME market depth information available to third party software (thanks to some recent additions in their API ). However, I couldn't find yet a single charting package on the market which was taking profit from these new API 7.0 features in order to create an historical bar chart of some of these CME market data. So this could become a very unique QT feature...

    Let us know if this suggestion could find a place in some of your future QT development plans

    Thank you in advance

  8. I have been using IB for years now, just started using QT this week. Since we are already "paying" for data with IB this combo makes alot of sense.
    I Highly recommend a dual monitor setup. IB on one, QT on the other. Cost is very cheap..additional video card (or a dualhead Matrox) and Monitor, a couple hundred bucks. I trade on IB only.
    QT is an excellent program.
  9. Does anyone know how to get the electronic 30 year Bond to display with quotetracker and an IB Feed. I keep putting in the symbol the way the help page recommends, but I do not get any quotes.

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