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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hoodooman, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Can anyone tell me how I can open IB's TWS on one computer and get the quotes to run quote tracker on another computer?
  2. quotetracker as well as most other TWS API based clients do not allow you to specify the ip address where TWS is running.

    One way to get around this restriction is to look for an IP proxy software that will receive the connection on the machine where quotetracker is running, and then reconnect out to where your TWS is actually running.

    If your TWS is running remotely over the internet, I recommend using SSH tunneling.

  3. Thanks for the reply but that is way over my head.
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    The reason why programs like QuoteTracker do not allow you to connect to IB anywhere else except on the same machine is the "redistribution of quotes" thing. Exchanges really frown on this and would move to shut down anyone who would publically disseminate such a program.
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    That may be _a_ reason, but it is trivial to write a piece of middleware that simply took the TWS data and multicast it out to subscribers on the network.

    But my guess is that the real reason is because allowing API calls from another IP address causes a major security issue.

    Anyone that has access to your network would then be able to connect to the ip : port and execute trades on your account.

    Notice that when TWS gets called from the API, it does no password verification - it hust says, "Accept incoming connection?".

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    I believe that is not quite true. If the client, in this case QuoteTracker, does not have proxy server support (SOCKS), I believe it won't work.

    MASQ, or 1:Many NAT however may work in the case where the client does not support a proxy server. But I think 1:many NAT requires a Linux router.

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    It may be trivial, but if IB put in a feature in their program that facilitated such redistribution of quotes, they would get a call from the exchanges and would have to remove it or lose their data sources.