IB quotes problems?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by michaelday, Oct 16, 2001.

  1. Oh well, Island quotes are delayed again so Best Execution is warped. Seems to be happening in the later part of the trading day. Bummer !
    #21     Oct 30, 2001
  2. Eldredge


    Same problem again this afternoon, but it didn't last as long as yesterday. The odd thing is, sometimes one side of the quote is on and the other is off. I called IB again, they suggested shutting down and logging on again :confused: I wonder if this problem is affecting everyone or just some of us. I am installing a new computer - I'll see if this has any effect.
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  3. This was happening to me again today, too, especially in the last hour or so. I experienced it on open positions in CEFT and CLS. I contacted IB, and they pointed me to the bulletin about Island quotes being delayed. But what isn't clear to me is why delays only in Island quotes would prevent revised quotes from other ECNs and market makers from being reflected on the best bid and best ask quotes in TWS. In any case, I'm glad to hear that IB thinks the problem has been resolved.
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  4. def

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    norkse et al...
    i forwarded the above comments to relevent parties. my response was that they were told the problem was discovered and resolved by the external party and that is why i posted this info yesterday. i just posted the facts given to me in an attempt to keep you informed. rather than put my foot in my mouth again, i'll just state that there are a number of things underway which should quickly solve this.
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  5. That's good news. Thanks, Def.
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  6. I saw a problem today that I haven't seen for a long time. It used to be that intermittantly during the day the wrong last price for QQQ would show. It was always the same wrong price and often significantly away from the real last price - like a point of more.

    Today I saw exactly the same thing on FRX. The last price would periodically show 73.82 when it should have been 74.something.
    It happened again and again, and as I look at TWS now, the closing price is showing as 73.82, which I am sure is wrong.

    Very distracting.

    I have raised this issue before with the help desk and they could see the same thing, but it took months for the qqq problem to be fixed.
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  7. Ouch, IB's delayed quotes on BEST and BEST_ECN got me again on the 10:30 AM move. I assume that it's the delayed quotes from ISLAND as it has been in the past (I didn't have ISLAND up this time).

    The interesting part is that it was only the ASK price that was delayed and the time period of the delay was only about two minutes in duration.

    It's unfortunate that IB cannot seem to rectify this problem with it's quote source.

    The data feeds I receive from Datek and Money.net were accurate during the same time period, so it doesn't seem that a "fast market" would be to blame.

    IB's decision to charge customer's for quotes while it's experiencing quote problems is a bit of bad timing.
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  8. e-mini quotes were screwed up at the same time.
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  9. Eldredge


    I had problems too. My quotes from QQL were fine. It's a real pain for the way I trade. Having to double-check quotes really slows me down.
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