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  1. I have a qcharts real time CME feed for Euro and Canadian dollar futures and on my IB tws quotes usually don't match. I see trades flying on the CME Time&Sales window and more than half of those trades don't register on TWS. Same goes for best bid and best ask. It is going on for days so it is not one day problem.
    Does it have something to do with the fact that IB's exchange of choice is Globex. Should the Globex quotes match CME quotes?

  2. As I was trading this morning I noticed that IB was really doing a good job...and commented to myself that if my Realtick feed goes down, I could *really* use IB's numbers...and they wouldn't be far off, if at all. This is a vast improvement...I've never before felt that IB's order entry quotes were all that accurate...but today, better.

    Anyone else notice IB improvements?

    BTW, stock I was trading was a listed stock, if that matters...I don't know how they (IB) do with other exchanges, etc.

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  3. Michaelday,

    If you are talking about eurocurrency futures, the globex2 quotes displayed on TWS are traded "side by side" with the pit contract. There are globex2 terminals at the pit. The quotes are close but not exact. If you are talking about eurodollar futures, there is little activity on the globex product during pit hours.
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    i think there has been some work done on the backend but i don't have specifics

    IB's feed is purely GLOBEX for those products since access is only granted for the electronic markets.
  5. Thanks def,
    I finally figured it out myself, IB quotes indeed do match Globex quotes but not CME quotes, but since with IB I can only trade Globex in the first place, it should be (is) sufficient.
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    I watched PVN quotes on IB today. PVN was one of the top volume leaders. The quotes on Island were way, way off.

    Also, why does archipalego quotes never show up on IB?

    I have cable access, so Im assuming the quotes were wrong.:confused:
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    My quotes were all screwed up this afternoon too. This is pretty much becoming a daily problem! I think the execution was working okay, but I didn't do that many trades after the quotes went bad. This is really getting annoying, and costly. It just isn't efficient to have to continually check quotes to see if they're any good. Maybe I need to change my set up so I can see my other quotes better and ignore IB - sometimes it gets a little confusing though. Or, maybe I need to change brokers, but I sure like IB's commissions.
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    My BEST_ECN quotes were screwed up on all the stocks on my page. I didn't study it enough to determine if there were missing ECN quotes, or delayed quotes, or etc.

    I was using my backup broker today CyberTrader because both QCharts and IB were having problems.

  9. My experience was similar. There were big lags--sometimes as long as 30-60 seconds--in updating the inside bids and asks today. My basis for comparison was watching Level II within eSignal.
  10. I had similar problems today...my stop order via Island for the Q's didn't execute.

    Looked at quotes for QQQ on the AMEX ... saw they were widely different. Ended up cancelling my Island order and routing it to the AMEX.

    Very frustrating having these sort of software problems. Reduces my confidence in trading via IB.

    I hope IB gets these kinks sorted out ASAP.

    -- Punter
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