IB QUOTES messed up?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by funky, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. funky


    has anyone else had their quotes disappear a couple times in the last two days?
  2. mine too, yes, right now!

    wait, they just came back
  3. funky


    there goes my idea of leaving ninjatrader to do everything!
  4. McCloud


    IB quotes just disappeared about half hour ago for a few minutes.

    I have also noticed IB quotes have been lagging on and off in the past few days and seems like the quotes freeze for a couple of seconds frequently :mad:
  5. Noticed this yesterday as well as today, but oddly enough it only is happening on one of my two computers.

    The only difference is one PC is running quotes through the "secure" log on and that is the one that is having the quote freeze.

    The other account is not logged on through the secure mode and has not had any problems that I have noticed.
  6. Yep...had Quote issues today.

  7. JORGE


    Same here. They just froze for 2 minutes and now they have gone away.
  8. Bob111


    disappearing quotes is nothing...i have short position on one stock today and i did close my TWS for few minutes to open demo and test my app-but all of sudden-news pop up on this stock..
    for next 15 minutes stock make 10% up and for all this time i was unable to login. TWS just open after you login, then-close by itself.that was a hell of experience..at same time on separate computer another account been open and everything work just fine.
    explanation of it from CS amazing as usual-"I don't know why it did happend". f.. thank you for such detailed explanation..
  9. sprstpd


    If another account is open, can't you hedge?
  10. Bob111


    there is small amount of money on second account, not enough to hedge this open position and it is below day trading minimum..
    it not a point.. i do not believe in such coincidence(in fact it happen not for first time with my account as far as i remember)
    and for me, answer such "I don't know why it's happens" - is not enough. and refusing to let me talk to someone who may explain to me why it happens -did not make me happy either..
    as i mentioned in some other tread-it like fricking casino-you find the way how to beat the house-they not let you in..
    #10     Oct 16, 2003