IB quotes died, NY dead for last 30 min +

Discussion in 'IB Technical Issues' started by stock777, Aug 8, 2007.

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    glad somebody else posted this. i called IB and they told me there was no problem and that it was on my end- typical. this company has the CYA thing so ingrained that they never admit to anything.
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    Yeah ... problem here too. couple of the dow stks just quit ticking.
    WMT was one.
  4. IB data was today the worst I have ever seen it. Crossed quotes all over the place (AAPL, BIDU, NVDA, you name it). Then total loss plenty of times and then orders that simply sat on ECBOT without executing. Cost me $3k today.
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    As long as the order was at ECBOT that's out of IB's control. I had no problem with IB or ECBOT today. I'm on the European server.
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    couldn't have been worse timing for me as i was using GS to trade the er2- missed a monster move whilst i shut down TWS and relaunched because IB told me it was on my end (i knew better, but tried anyway).

    i have a lot of redundancies built in (3 internet connections- 4 if you count dial up, 3 computers...)- gotta build in more data and broker redundancy. not having another feed running on another computer is too mickey mouse- my fault, and it cost me today. still, it would be nice if JUST ONCE ib would claim responsibility for something or give an explanation beyond 'it's you, you're the only call i've gotten about this...'
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  9. True, but it's tough to tell if the order was really at CBOT or just showing as being routed to ECBOT. My bet is that they never made it to ECBOT.
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    Yes. This is certainly possible.
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