IB Quotes Crossed

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jsmith, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. jsmith


    The bids are higher than the ask for many stocks.
    I restarted TWS but no change.

    Anyone else have this same issue?
  2. jsmith


    Looks like it's fixed now.
  3. rayl


    Crossed quotes are actually not infrequent. I've seen at least the following issues:

    1. problems w/some exchanges (e.g., I know I saw a DirectEdge issue earlier today) with bad quotes

    2. Time lags in updating quotes from some exchanges.

    3. Less efficient markets where there isn't NMS trade through protection, e.g. OTCBB montage crossing ArcaEdge quotes. (And actually NMS isn't fully phased in yet.)
  4. Yes, I agree. Crossed quotes are sometimes a symptom of a problem at IB, but most of the time, they reflect a problem with other market participants that is beyond IB's control, and sometimes, quotes really ARE crossed, and the TWS accurately depicts this fact.
  5. chud


    I've noticed this several times today at IB - something with the system; esignal's bid and ask were correct at the time.