IB quotes blow today

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by stock777, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. surprised no one else posted this
  2. I'm also surprised.

    The bid/ask lagged like crazy after the Fed.
  3. Thats the least of it, they continue to lag badly.

    On a thin NYSE stock I trade, I see a 7 second delay on the NYSE quote.

    Anyone autotrading this off those quotes, got their ass kicked.

    Watching ORCL after hours, they are about 10-15 seconds behind.

    Has nothing to do with the Fed.
  4. UPDATE: I logged out and back in and that seemed to fix the problem.

    TWS must have busted a vein.

    Will remember that the next time

    I dont see why that would be needed but I'm sure the programmers know.
  5. There were a few minutes that I had NO bid/ask and there was actually a "C" next to the last price, which usually indicates the symbol has not traded today, LOL!

    First I thought my computer was screwed up, then when I was going to take a "snapshot" of TWS, it somehow sensed it and everything came back.
  6. Actually I was wondering which firms were OK today and which had problems. The movement today was considerably less than some recent Fed days so you would think there wouldn't be many problems. I had the retail and institutional TOS platforms up with a Ninja/zenfire quote and all three of them were fine.