IB quote speed issues...today especially

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by chisel, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. chisel


    I trade through Interactive Brokers and after today's rate cut, the Globex ES and NQ quotes were extremely slow (and all quotes, stock, futures and options, disappeared for a few minutes, but that's another issue). I couldn't trade until the quotes were good again, which was 10-15 minutes today. I have a cable internet connection.

    Does everyone (regardless of broker) experience a delay when things heat up, or could I improve the speed by getting a T1 line, switching brokers, or something else? I'm open to any and all suggestions.

    I read in another thread that latency is the issue, not the bandwidth, so how could I improve this? I'm not a tech geek, but I'm willing to learn.

    I have computer that's plenty fast, so I don't think this is an issue.

    Thanks for any ideas.
  2. FinStat


    what happened after the rate cut?????

    same problem....system bailed out!!!

    this is a rare event and i would think it was a problem with IB/globex.

    it would be great if someone from IB could shed some light on the issue.
  3. Same problem here, and IB's tech support was out to lunch. Only after ten minutes did the quotes start catching up. Good thing my positions didn't go south in the meantime!
  4. Time to move somewhere else, I guess.

    They do not even acknowledge receiving email questions anymore, not to mention that you obviously get no response from their customer service regarding said questions. This happened to me twice the last two times I tried. I have never called them, only contacted them by email and that was enough for me, but now when they do not even bother to respond by email, I am afraid that they stopped giving the damn completely. Their customer service was blasted here several times for being particularly customer unfriendly on the phone.

    Well, TS Securities is getting more and more competitive and I hope other broker will follow. Perhaps then IB will finally get the clue.
  5. Steve_IB

    Steve_IB Interactive Brokers

    Sorry I'm in Hong Kong, so not exactly sure what happened, I only know that there was a tremendous surge in volume/quotes and that this caused a problem with Globex which in turn caused a problem with one of our ticker programs. It was immediately noticed and given urgent attention. Trading was still available during this time.

    wally - We do our best to turn round all mails on the same day. Some complex issues may take a little longer to answer. Currently we do not have any e-mails in our inbox more than 2 days old. If you do not receive a reply to a particular e-mail feel free to PM the message to me, and I will follow it up.
  6. Chisel:

    Same here, right after the Geenie announcement. Quotes (stock) were behind e-signal and even Scottrade. The bid was higher than the ask at times (what they called 'crossed'). Then a little after 3:00 ET (approx), the Market Data screen went blank. I was frustrated and called tech supprt. They acknowleded that other customers were having problems as well (Ernie--nice guy). They resolved the blank screen issue ('only' lasted about five minutes), but didn't really make it clear to me what the actual cause was.

    They did mention that the crossed quotes may be caused by ARCA. As a work-around, they said you can disable ARCA quotes in the config menu. Will try that on the next crossed quotes incident.

    My computer config is the same, Chisel.
  7. yes same here. BAD.
  8. Banjo


    YM quotes also dissapeared so wasn't a globex thing.
  9. franklin


    "I only know that there was a tremendous surge in volume/quotes and that this caused a problem with Globex which in turn caused a problem with one of our ticker programs"

    The surge was only moderate compared to other fed announcements in recent past, and the problem was not with Globex since other quote providers had no such problem.
  10. FinStat


    tradestation was fine
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