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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Htrader, Mar 1, 2002.

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    For a few days now, my IB quotes have been very inconsistent. Often, the bid/ask sizes will be negative numbers and the quote price will be slightly off of the real value. A reboot of the program solves these issues, but they sometimes come back an hour or two later. Worst part is, its sometimes hard to tell if the quotes are wrong or not. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. just21


    I and several others, see thread IB slow today, have this problem with versions 5.3x and 5.4x, including the latest version. You can use the browser version or 5.2x stgandalone to get around the problem. If any one has a copy of 5.2x please attach it to a message here (if you can upload that size file) so that others can download it.

    thanks in advance
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    Since yesterday, I have also had that problem in the browser-based version in the stocks/options account, not in the futures account, where I trade ES and NQ.
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    I downloaded the new stand alone version 754.2 this morning. Quotes all day were screwed up. BEST was off all day. Incorrect bids and offers showed up for virtually every stock for all of the individual routes making the software virtually unusable. Early in the day some bid/offer volumes even showed up as negative numbers. Seems like this release has some problems.

  5. Sigh - I'm not alone! I've had those screwed-up quotes just the way it was reported here: Negative Bid/Ask sizes, quotes totally off the market, quotes lagging behind - you name it. I had the impression it got worse over time and was OK for a while when I closed and restarted the TWS, though.

    Has anybody gotten any useful response form IB yet? Are there only so few that encounter those problems?

    Like it was yesterday, the system is hardly usable anymore. If it stays like this for some time, I really need to find a good direct broking alternative..

    Wonko the sane
  6. dchoran



    I too had these numerous problems on TWS Friday March 1st.

    Had downloaded the latest version early in the AM.

    The most disappointing problem yesterday was after placing any type of STOP LIMIT order, everything just LITERALLY STOPPED or FROZE UP for about 30 seconds!!!!!!! Pain in the ass.


    This same shit was commonplace on Datek.

    I left Datek a couple months ago for IB hoping to improve speed, quotes, executions and the basic inaccessibility on busy days.

    Looks like I may need to go to a "REAL" direct access service next. Recommendations???

    Any other comments????

    Feel free to email me direct.


    THANKS. 3/2/02 9am:mad:
  7. Catoosa


    I am using the TWS standalone 753 and have not had any problems. I use the system all day to place limit orders to buy/sell. I only download updates to IB's TWS when there is a new feature I think will help me. I always wait a few days after the release of an update before I download to read user comments and see if there are any issues. I hate doing updates for all the problems I open myself up to. The most solid version of TWS was the old one before the JAVA version; However, that software did not have as many features.

  8. Eldredge


    TWS worked great for me on Friday. Very fast fills, and no real problem with quotes, but I didn't download the new version. In fact, BEST routing was even displayed for the first time in about a week (I could see where BEST was routing my orders).

    This is a frustrating problem where some of the users have trouble and some don't. I wonder if it is related to which server is being used, or the trader's computer? Good luck to those of you with problems, I hope I stay lucky.
  9. dchoran


    I have a top of the line Dell 8200 P4 2.2 ghz with 512 RDRAM.

    Runs thru dedicated DSL.

    System works great on EVERYTHING but TWS sometimes.

    Biggest hangup was NYSE stop limit orders.

    Just freezes everything for a half a minute.

    Have the same problem with TWS on my 2nd system which is a P4 1.7ghz going thru a cable modem.

    I think it is the TWS software.

    But then it should really happen to anyone with the same version.

    I will not downlosd the latest versions again!!!

    Please comment if you have had this problem too!!!!

  10. @dchoran:

    While IB help desk is known not to be very helpful with problems, I also have to say that problems as bad as these are not happening often. I am an IB customer since about a year and have only had 1 major problem before this one. That problem was related to a very old version of the TWS (befor it ran under Java). So, this is my first real issue with the Java TWS. In general, it's a good and fast system.

    Is there any way you could attach the jts.jar of your working version to a forum message? Or maybe you could e-mail it? I would hate to have another day like friday - I could put it on my web server for other to d/l it.

    Happier trading on monday to all of you

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