IB Quote problems today

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Woody, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. Woody


    I lost quotes on ES several times late in the afternoon. Did anyone else have problems?
  2. I was trading stocks and on my screen the bids and asks completely disappeared for a bit. After awhile, the items I had open positions on reappeared but the items I was watching, the bid and ask seemed to be out for a bit longer. Fortunately, I had another quote service and I didn't try and enter or exit trades during this weird behavior.
  3. tango29


    It was off and on a few times this afternoon for me also. This is one of the reasons I try to avoid trading with them except for cheap option plays. They rarely take resposibility for outages, but today I believe they have.
  4. July 3rd we had that Fiasco, then the following Monday or Tuesday there was a problem in the markets and I was watching my TWS and the YM BID/ASK just erased for about 30 secs. I think IB pulled it on purpose 4 some reason, I don't know.

    same thing happened today. Lucky we had our backup on both times. We now know the problem was with IB and not with all quote feeds.

  5. Can you still get in/out of a position when the quote goes out?
  6. chisel


    Yes. One of my TWS was fine, while on the other one the quotes were bad and then disappeared altogether for a while.
  7. Woody


    If you have a native stop order in, your stop should get you out of the market moves that far.

    I have never tried to place an order when the quotes are out, so I don't know if it is possible to do so on the software, but there is always the option of phoning in your order if you are desperate.
  8. FinStat


    the IB quote problem has become to regular to be comfortable. altough i've been pleased at large, this is not acceptable. time to pay a little more commission for more dependable service.
  9. def

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    The number of error trades gapping the market +/- 5% are too regular as well. The programming side is working on a fix to better handle the surge of volume and information delivered during such markets.

    I would also like to again repeat what Samartin wrote in another thread: "Please email the IB Help desk (help@interactivebrokers.com) with specific examples of sluggish quotes and include in the subject line: MG101. This code will ensure the mail will be forwarded to the appropriate person. Please include in the body of your email some specifics (i.e. time of day, security, your IB login name or account, etc.).

    Last time there were complaints and he made that post, I think only one person sent information (and it was related to a wild market). As mentioned, we are aware that quotes get sluggish during days like today when there are huge surges in volume over a short period. I believe a fix should be in production shortly to help resolve that. If however you believe your quotes are sluggish outside of such surges, it would be more productive to send a note with the details as suggested above. The info will go a long way towards assisting us in resolving the issue.
  10. FinStat


    sluggishness is not the issue. the quotes are stationary and disappear for up to 15 min. this has happened at least twice in the past two weeks. it is too great a systems/techno risk to maintain.
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