IB quote freeze problem not soved yet.

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  1. For about 8-10 days, the quote freeze problem seemed to have disappeared.

    Yesterday, at about 12:15 EST and today at 14:03, the TWS futures quotes froze again. As before, a complete exit and restart is required to get things going again.
    For years, TWS did never behave like this. This problem appears to have started at about the time IB introduced the backfill feature, IMHO perfectly useless for most traders.

    Anybody else encountering similar incidents?

    PS: went back to the older build 826.4, but the problem seems to occur with all builds. I don't use front ends. I am only using an Activex-API based VB6 application that ran for 24 months now without any trouble. No modifications and no other activity on the same computer as before.
  2. kowboy


    NDX and DJX were not auto refreshing on the one minute charts this morning. Five minute charts were auto refreshing ok on everything.

    This afternoon it's working ok on the one minute charts. Build 845.5
  3. jsmith


    My quotes freeze for about 1-2 sec every couple of minutes in TWS 845.5 while esignal working fine.

    Is this the same problem you guys are having?
  4. Do you have to restart to get things going again or do they come back by themselves? I am going to check on your 'short' freeze phenomenon.
  5. jsmith


    It just comes back by itself.
    The freezing quote is usually not a problem except when I'm scalping.

    I did email helpdesk at IB and they forwarded my email and I haven't got any reply from the technical support for 6 days now.


    Dear Trader,

    Interactive Brokers Customer Service has received your email inquiry. The main Customer Service email address help@interactivebrokers.com <mailto:help@interactivebrokers.com> is intended for general inquiries. For specific technical questions such as those listed below, we have a dedicated service Technical Services department contactable at tac@interactivebrokers.com <mailto:tac@interactivebrokers.com>. To provide the best response for your inquiry, we have forwarded your issue to the Technical Services desk.

    Technical Services support:
    1. Mobile Trader
    2. Download inquiries for Excel, Quicken formats
    3. Java problems
    4. TWS compatibility and integration with other systems
    5. Installation and deinstallation directions/problems
    6. Software issues not relating to trading activity
    7. ISP/Connectivity
    8. API/CTCI issues
    9. Firewall issues

    Thank you.

    Interactive Brokers
    Customer Service

  6. jsmith


    I'm using Cox Cable and my connection seems to be quite stable.


    2005-05-19 00:26:39 EST: 3809 / 167
    Your download speed : 3900472 bps, or 3809 kbps.
    A 476.1 KB/sec transfer rate.
    Your upload speed : 171600 bps, or 167 kbps.

    I thought it was my internet connection before but esignal was still updating quotes so I am lead to believe the quote freezing may be IBs problem.

    I might add that IB is a great broker and I have never had to contact their helpdesk when using them for about 3 years now. I hope IB stops adding these 'NEW' features that screw up the reliability/speed of the TWS and execution.
  7. As you know I was having the problem here a couple of weeks ago, but I have not had it since. Knock on wood.

    I'm using build 845.5 with the latest java download.

  8. MR.NBBO


    BIG problems with IB these days.
    Our quotes have been stale to the tune of hours, not seconds, for about 2 months. Still no consistent improvement. Last size is the most frequent problem, bid/ask are stale but usually by only a few seconds. This spans several diff. high speed connections, different PCs, different accounts, all with varying problems.
    Programming is getting to be a problem at IB, we've been having to program our own patches around many IB glitches. If it's not quotes... it's order routing hang ups.
  9. Sam123

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    Is there a VB.NET version of the API available? If so, perhaps it's time to switch. Sounds like a threading issue and VB6 doesn't handle it very well. Does the processor go to 100%?

  10. I just think TWS has been really like this for years, at least watching the ppl keep complaining against IB quote quality...
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