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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by lwlee, May 6, 2012.

  1. lwlee


    Anyone using this feature? You get 100 extra real-time quotes for $30. You can get up to 10 addtl "boosters" so it would be a total of 1000 RT quotes + 100 you get for "free". Would set you back extra $300 a month. iqFeed wants extra $50 for 500 more RT quotes but you only get 500 more.

    The thing I'm interested in is that it's available through the API. Scanning 1100 symbols, including after hours quote is a big deal since most other commercial scanners don't offer after hour quotes.
  2. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    Just a quick bit of additional information. We have options to get you up to 1800 symbols and the cost would only be $155 per month plus exchange fees. Our sales group can get you information and a trial on this package if you need more than 100 symbols.
  3. vikana

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    It's worth noting that IQFeed costs $300/year for API access. With IQFeed you also pay the exchange fees, which for NYSE + Nasdaq + Amex is $15.

    So you essentially have an incremental cost of $40/mo with IQFeed in addition to the $65 base cost.

    Without e.g. eminis, the breakeven point is about 400 symbols, i.e. 3 boosters

    PS: IQFeed is excellent (I used it for several years through the API). It's not really comparable to the sampled IB data as you get all ticks time stamped.
  4. Bob111


    if only you know how to process those quotes for 400 or whatever tickers..
    IB is no problem-every update goes by id, assigned to specific ticker...while with IQ -YOU have to sort it out on YOUR side which quote belongs to what ticker. i'm wrong?
  5. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    Every update/message from IQFeed includes the ticker symbol for that update. There shouldn't be anything to sort out. It may be more difficult to process IQFeed data due to the fact that you are getting every tick, so you will be processing exponentially more data.
  6. Kirkx


    Not necessarily. IQfeed offers exchange fee wavers for IB account holders.
  7. gmst


    long forgotten thread. Bumping it up hoping to see if people have found use of quote boosters for anything interesting, since apparently IQ Feed data is better and cheaper than IB.