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  1. Hi Def & everyone,

    I am having trouble downloading transactions from IB to Quicken.

    Worked fine at first, until I deleted the Quicken account that IB was using.

    Now IB is unable to enter the transactions into Quicken because the account is no longer there.

    I've sent a query to IB technical support, but no reply as of yet.

    Can anyone help me with this?


    -- Punter
  2. the download doesn't work that well. I ended up creating an empty IB account and if I run the web update from the real IB account, it seems to work. Don't ask me why .. makes no sense.

    The only really irritating issue I have is that Quicken 2001 insists on calling most of my trades "near matches" (since I'm trading the same issues all the time) and refuses to enter them into the account. Argh! Does anyone know if this has been fixed in the new Quicken ?
  3. If you have gotten this to work, what version of Quicken were you able to update that lists IB as a valid Financial Institution.

  4. DustPuppy: I'm using quicken 2001 Deluxe. I doubt that the "deluxe" has anything to do with it.

    Remember: this works differently that downloading transactions from your bank etc. First load Quicken and select your IB account. Then go to IB Accounts page and click the Quicken download. By some mechanism the data finds it's way directly into Quicken without downloads or anything else. I had to accept letting Quicken create an "interactive brokers LLC" to make it work. The data finds it's way into the correct account anyway.

    Hope this helps
  5. Intuit (the folks that make Quicken) has confirmed for the feature of downloading your statements with IB, you need a version of Quicken 2001 or 2002 to download the statements properly.

    The particular family (Deluxe, home) will only limit the things you can do with the information.
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    I just dropped a line to the folks at quicken and invited them to view the thread...and hopefully respond to the many questions that will arise....I think that a newer version of Turbo Tax is out that is more geared towards investors, and schedule D...hopefuly with the correct versions of Quicken and Turbo Tax we will be able to crunch our data from IB...It would be great if they had somebody like DEF tune in and help us like he has!....If they don't respond....well...I guess that will tell me something.:)
  7. does anyone know if quicken also supports the mc-features at ib?


  8. Does Quicken do an effective job of matching transactions, including partial buy and sells, to produce a profit and loss statement?
  9. I have had problems using Quicken 2002 and IB's export to Quicken Feature.

    It has not worked for me if you try to export the data to an existing IB account you have defined within Quicken. Balances get all screwed up, even balances from previous days!

    However, if you allow the process to create a new account withing Quicken, then it appears to work OK. You can then create a QIF file with the transactions and import into your existing IB account. This worked once for me, but because I do not trust the IB export to Quicken process, I do not bother with it.

    IB technical support said they are looking into this problem. I have heard no new fixes so far.

    -- Punter
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    I talked with IB Help and they said that you can download to MS Money, all versions. Does anyone use this? I've been researching IB before opening an account and the ability to download trades is very important to me. With out that I don't think I'll go ahead with IB. Are there alternative download methods that IB clients are using that actually work?
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