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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by c_verm, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. c_verm


    I am Canadian and would like to transfer shares in to IB. Ib currently does not ftransfer stocks from CAD brokers they said. So Im wondering if I can put my shares in a certificate and send them to the firm?? This way its not a transfer?

    I have sent a few emails to IB but No reply back in 2 days? So Im asking you guys.

  2. send cash. end of story.
  3. c_verm


    Did you read what I asked?? I already have cash in there. I would now like to transfer equities that I own into that account.
  4. H2O


    I think it might be easier (and maybe cheaper) to sell your current positions and reopen them in your IB acct. If you cannot affort that at once, you can do it part by part. (sell part of your position, open same position with IB, transfere money from old broker to IB, repeat)

  5. Let me translate that response for you: "NO."
  6. Steve_IB

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    Sorry, IB does not accept physical certificates.